decarbNOW, a dynamic path towards climate neutrality.


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We value pragmatism and feasibility. Therefore, for us, reduction comes first, and then compensation. Our goal is to take a dynamic path to climate neutrality together with our customers and to award two certificates:

We only award this certificate to those companies that are genuinely working on the conversion of their consumption values or on the CO₂ reduction in their company. This includes setting verifiable reduction targets and an annual review by our auditors. This form of decarbonization is a dynamic process that requires constant monitoring and further development. We continually support our customers during this decarbonization process in order to ensure a successful reduction of your CO₂ footprint and its benefits. In order to maintain the dynamics of the reduction process, the decarbNOW certificate will only be renewed in subsequent years if actual reductions and progress in CO₂ emission reduction are verifiable.

Our label decarbNOW is a verifiable and communicable quality seal for companies that take responsibility seriously and who honestly work to reduce the CO₂ contributions of their company.

Only when a company is completely climate-neutral does it receive the zerocarbNOW certificate. This certification consists of the reduction certificate decarbNOW and the compensation certificate compcarbNOW. Together they document a complete reduction of the company’s CO₂ emissions to zero.

decarbNOW + compcarbNOW = zerocarbNOW

To achieve this goal we provide you with sustainable and comprehensible support.

Partner Map

All companies that receive the decarbNOW or zerocarbNOW zerocarbNOW certificate will be included in our partner map. By means of a clearly identifiable ID number, partner companies can demonstrate their commitment to climate protection. At the same time a network of climate conscious companies is created, which can also create synergies amongst each other.

Via social media we communicate every new member and every update on our partner map.

Auditor’s report

Global Climate® GmbH cooperates with the established ReweCon GmbH Tax Consulting Company. Therefore, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a decarbNOW or zerocarbNOW certificate, a tax consultant certificate can also be issued on request.

ReweCon GmbH Tax Consulting Company is a renowned tax consulting company specialized in sustainability with offices in Stuttgart, Munich and Linz (AT). In an interdisciplinary network of tax consultants, lawyers and auditors, it offers comprehensive consulting and auditing services from one source.

Upon request, ReweCon GmbH Tax Consulting Company will examine the commissioned climate audit and compliance with the goals of the CO₂ reduction. The tax consulting company reports on this in the form of a tax consultant certificate on the correctness and completeness of the results as well as compliance with legal requirements.

Although the examination of the results of the climate audit by a tax consultancy firm is voluntary, it is a matter of trust. The addressees can rely on the fact that the auditing principles have been applied, and that the auditing procedure has been impartial, objective and unbiased.

How best to communicate climate neutrality?

Sustainability reports are prepared on a voluntary basis. They are published by companies in order to present the social and environmental impact of their core business and their commitment to continued sustainability. In a sustainability report, a company presents both its strategy and its achievements in terms of sustainability. The reporting focuses primarily on the effects of its own actions on people and the environment and on its perception of corporate responsibility.

Advantages of a sustainability report
Sustainability reporting has developed into one of the leading tools of communication. It is aimed at all stakeholder groups. For financial markets, sustainability reports have become evidence of comprehensive risk management that also includes non-financial risks. In addition to their strong image effect, they thus also serve to further develop and secure the value of the company. By publishing future-oriented measures and their solutions, the opportunities of sustainability-oriented corporate management are highlighted and infuse the corporate brand with future-oriented and responsible values.

Within the company, the sustainability report sensitizes managers and employees to the success of sustainability activities and motivates them to strive for new goals and activities. Identification with the corporate goals increases. Employees are proud to work in a sustainably managed company and receive information that can be passed on to their private environment.

Absolute credibility through the CO₂ control system decarbNOW
A good sustainability report is characterized by its transparency and credibility. It indicates the goals and the current status on the defined roadmap. The aim here is not only to point out what goals have already been achieved, but also what is yet to be achieved, together with the respective justification and the measures to be taken in this regard. This is best done by means of verifiable key figures. For this reason, Global Climate calculates your CO₂ emissions from the real data of your company. Our financial-data-based CO₂ accounting and control system therefore creates, for the first time, the conditions for an accurate and dynamic collection of CO₂ data.

Sustainability Communication
With MSCN, a communications agency specializing in sustainability communication, we transform numbers into your sustainability report that is attractive in form and convincing in content. Tailored to your stakeholder groups, preferably as an online document or microsite with a direct link to reinforcing formats in the area of other communication platforms.

Your image is our mission?
Because: We also advise you on your communication strategy, internally and externally. Together with renowned marketing and PR experts, we transform your mission and vision into a formative image that is perceived by your target groups, the public and your employees.

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