Carbon reduction creates competitive advantage, corporate image improvement and innovation.

Climate neutrality: a mark of quality

Energy saving is a must!

CO₂ emissions, greenhouse gases, global warming or climate neutrality are terms we hear every day. They unsettle us and should force us to act – not at some time in the future but now. The goal is clearly defined: Climate neutrality by 2050.

Achieving climate neutrality by the middle of the 21st century is essential to restrict global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius – a limit that is considered safe by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This goal was also set in the Paris Climate Convention, which was signed by 195 countries, including the EU.

Reduction of CO₂ emissions, associated energy savings and increase in energy efficiency have become a must from both an ecological and economic point of view. With advancing climate change, they are becoming increasingly important – regardless of whether we are talking about large companies or medium-sized enterprises.

Products, services, companies can be completely or partially climate-neutral. The prerequisite for climate neutrality is to offset all emissions after determining the individual carbon footprint.

The environmental policy objective of climate neutrality has now become a hallmark of quality for companies.

The carbon footprint, a roadmap

The carbon footprint is the detailed identification of relevant emission sources (energy, mobility, use of raw materials, etc.) of companies, products or services.

The aim of the CO₂ footprint is to map the current state of emissions and to define potential areas for emission reduction.

Every activity that we carry out as a day to day routine influences our individual carbon footprint. Knowing the depth of our CO₂ footprint creates awareness and is helping as a roadmap to leave only the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Climate Neutral Companies

Why should a company be climate neutral?

Environmental movements such as Fridays for Future or Extinction Rebellion have given the issues of global warming and the greenhouse effect a new significance in our society. Active environmental protection has become a top priority.

How does a company become climate neutral?

Every business activity causes emissions which are harmful to our climate. They can be divided into different emission categories according to type and location of origin.

Scope 1 emissions
describe the direct emissions of a company caused by the combustion of fossil fuels.

Scope 2 emissions
are the indirect emissions resulting from electricity consumption.

Scope 3 emissions
include indirect emissions caused, for example, by the use of raw materials, services or business travels by various means of transportation.

Climate neutrality creates motivation and the potential for innovation in your company

Today, the reduction of greenhouse gases in companies represents an essential part of climate protection. Being climate aware is a major factor in building corporate identity and philosophy. Proof of a company’s climate neutrality shows that corporate social responsibility is being taken seriously.

Active environmental protection should also be a duty for all employees of your company. It may serve to establish a new corporate culture and strengthen identification with the company. Environmental commitment in the company offers a high potential for motivation and innovation of your whole team.

Climate neutrality creates competitive advantage

Environmental protection and climate neutrality are no longer just ethical issues; they have become decisive competitive factors. A head start in environmental compatibility also means a head start in competition. Thus, the inclusion of ecological aspects in corporate ethics can be a great advantage as soon as today.

The sooner a company adapts to future environmental standards, the greater its scope for action and advantage in knowledge. Active environmental protection offers the opportunity to act rather than react under impending legal requirements.

Climate neutrality creates significant image improvements

The expectations of consumers have become increasingly demanding in recent years in regards to the efforts of companies to protect the environment. With the knowledge of the enormity of global warming, social pressure is also on the rise.

It’s no wonder climate-neutral and environmentally committed companies are recording significant image benefits.

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