decarbNOW identifies CO₂ hotspots and manages reduction measures.

CO₂ control system

Our financial data-based CO₂ management system decarbNOW supports companies in

  • identifying CO₂ hotspots

  • the analysis and audit-proof documentation of CO₂ emissions and

  • the target-oriented management of the CO₂ reduction measures.

Therefore, our CO₂ control system answers the most important questions:

  • Where are the main sources of CO₂ emissions?

  • How can CO₂ be sustainably reduced?

  • How successful were the reduction measures implemented?

Let us help you to sustainably reduce your CO₂ footprint.

Climate audit to determine your carbon footprint

The heart of our CO₂ control system decarbNOW is the climate audit.

The basis of every successful reduction strategy and sensible compensation of CO₂ is the reliable and coherent determination of the CO₂ emissions of your company. For the preparation of your climate audit we use an innovative software developed by our company. The climate audit takes place in two steps:

Data transfer via automated interface
In the first step, all financial and corporate data is transferred to our secure server via an automated interface. There, all information is analyzed, extracted and categorized by means of artificial intelligence (AI) according to its relevance for CO₂ accounting. This automated step is then filtered a second time by our auditors in a risk-oriented manner for quality assurance. Subsequently, all relevant receipts for proper documentation are stored separately. This means that they can be viewed, traced and stored in an audit-proof manner at any time in the future.

Emission calculation via our accounting tool in 24 hours
The calculation of CO₂ emissions is carried out using our automated accounting tool, which complies with international standards and norms (Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ISO 140641).

This innovative process enables Global Climate® to produce a CO₂ balance sheet for companies based on real data within one day, while at the same time protecting the client’s resources.

Reporting back on your CO₂ emission analysis

In addition to determining the location and amount of CO₂ emissions produced, Global Climate® prepares a thorough CO₂ report. This CO₂ report is in accordance with recognized international reporting standards (Global Reporting Initiative – GRI Standard 305) and is part of the legally required or voluntary sustainability reporting for companies. It includes a detailed and categorized CO₂ emissions analysis of the climate audited company. This provides our clients with a management tool to measure, continuously monitor and credibly communicate the efficiency of their climate reduction strategies.

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