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We are an interdisciplinary team of tax consultants, business economists, architects, energy managers, auditors, IT specialists and communication experts. What unites us? Our concern about climate change and its consequences such as global warming, droughts, floods and all the challenges they will bring to humanity. We decided we need to do our part and be active in our climate commitment. So we combined our different areas of expertise to develop our innovative software and founded Global Climate® GmbH
We combine core competence, experience, and expertise

our mission

One small molecule has turned the world into a crisis

One small molecule has turned the world into a crisis zone. Enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that has been released into the atmosphere since the start of industrialization have thrown the natural carbon cycle of our earth out of balance. The increasing frequency and strength of natural catastrophes and an overall rise in global temperatures are only two of the many dramatic consequences of excessive man-made CO₂ emissions. A race against time has begun. We cannot win it, but we can try to stop global warming by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Now.

Our goal is to work with you to implement climate protection in your company in a sustainable, comprehensible, and transparent manner.

our vision

Numbers change the world because of their universal language

Numbers change the world, because they speak a universal language. They enable us to classify, evaluate and compare facts. As tax consultants and auditors with long experience in the responsible and accurate aggregation and interpretation of data, we consider ourselves particularly qualified to employ our accounting knowledge to generate solid CO₂ assessments. With our financial data-based CO₂ accounting and control system, we are setting a new standard for the accurate and dynamic collection of CO₂ data. We are introducing a new level of goal-oriented, control-assisted implementation of CO₂ reduction strategies and thereby taking a decisive infrastructural step towards achieving life-saving climate targets.

On the base of precise information, you can act effectively. For this, we provide a reliable and operational database..

Climate protection with growth and profit for all

Emerging from a tax consulting firm with a high share of municipal mandates, Global Climate® stands for the highest level of professionalism, credibility, and accountability. In line with our professional background, we are characterized by a high degree of process accuracy, standardization, and industry-specific security in handling large volumes of data. We create good climate — for our clients and our planet.
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Our Global Climate® Team

Altan Günsoy

Gründer, Geschäftsführer, Steuerberater

Sabine Günsoy

Geschäftsführerin, Medien + Kommunikation (B.A.), GMP-Auditor

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