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Making a sustainable career

Knowing where it's good

We can. We want to. We will.

From start-up to global player

The corporate world must change, plan for the long term and act sustainably if we want to secure the future for generations. We can only achieve this goal if our software solutions become the standard for companies and we all pull together, as a team and with the will and strength of an entire team.

We are looking for employees who want to grow with us, share our vision and drive us forward with their expertise. We have the energy of a start-up and the mindset of a large family that stands up for each other and achieves great things together: We can. We want to. We will. And you are an important part of it.

Your life. Your job.

Current job offers

Sustainability is your passion? Then you've come to the right place. We are a creative team with many ideas and visions. We are characterized by passion, dynamism and innovative spirit. What do we want from you? Enthusiasm, team spirit and of course a good portion of know-how.

Our Workresort at the Isarhoch

Don't call it office

Working time is living time and this is exactly the feeling we have in our new offices: Our workresort is located in the Isarhoch in the south of Munich. On two floors with a total of 1,500 sqm, our constantly growing team has plenty of space to exchange ideas and to help shape GLOBAL CLIMATE. Our premises are flooded with light and equipped with modern Steelcase furniture. With attention to detail and a focus on sustainable materials, we create an atmosphere that is a pleasure to work and live in. A surrounding roof terrace as well as an inner courtyard open up the view to nature and provide the opportunity to work outdoors, hold meetings outdoors, enjoy the sun during lunch breaks and celebrate parties together.

From daycare to barista coffee, soul food and gym - the Isarhoch Workresort concept continues to grow. Discover what makes you happy (

We care for what we hold dear

Benefits for our employees

If you like what you do, you do it well. We want employees who feel at home with us, who identify with our goals and who work with us to shape the company's world in a sustainable way. That's why you should feel good with us: with benefits that go beyond a lukewarm beer.

Attractive salary

We believe that good work should not only pay off for us, but also for you. That's why we've always included an attractive salary in line with your position and area of responsibility.

Job bike

Cycling is sustainable and keeps you fit, and we support that. With company bike leasing, you can choose your dream bike and use it for both business and pleasure.


We support your mobility, especially if you don't get into your own car. Depending on which model suits your needs, we will issue you with an MVV, DB or similar ticket. In addition, we have planned a shuttle service directly to the Isarhoch Worksresort.

Work more beautifully

A beautiful working environment where the whole team feels comfortable is important to us. We also attach importance to sustainability and modern equipment in the workplace. Our premises are in the Isarhoch Workresort in the south of Munich.

Feedback and further development

We would like to develop together with you. Regular feedback meetings help you and us to reach our common goals. In addition, a fixed budget is available for your further training.

Shape and grow with us

Our goal is to develop the position and the area of responsibility that fits your personality 100%. Flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and plenty of room for co-design - that's how we can all grow.


Our fully equipped modern kitchen is the heart of our office. This is where we meet to cook, eat and exchange ideas. Coffee, tea, cold drinks, vegetables and fruit are free for our employees. Once a week, we eat together and that too in a healthy and fresh way: with colorful salads and good things from the grill.

Flexible working hours

9 to 5 is not everyone's cup of tea. With us, you can arrange your time freely and combine your job, family and free time. Of course, all within the framework of the core working hours and the weekly hourly quota.

Hybrid working

Home office and presence alternate with us. It's not important where you work from, but that we can rely on you: In the home office, via teams and in personal exchange.

Events and celebrations

A nice togetherness is created when you not only work together, but also celebrate together. Summer parties, barbecues, Christmas parties, Oktoberfest visits - we always find a reason to toast to life.

Permanent employment

We think sustainably and with an eye to the future. If you want to grow in the long term, you need long-term relationships. That's why our employment contracts are always permanent. So you can rely on us and we can rely on you.

Pension plan

Think about tomorrow now. This is not only our credo with regard to a sustainable corporate world, but it also applies to our employees. We offer different models for your retirement provision, so that you can profit sustainably and in the long term from your job at GLOBAL CLIMATE.

Your contact person

Please send your written application to:

We also welcome unsolicited applications. Maybe we don't even know yet that we need exactly YOU in our team.

Sabine Günsoy