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We at Global Climate® always choose CO₂ reduction over CO₂ compensation. Our goal is to pursue a dynamic strategy of decarbonization together with our clients. For that we award two certificates:


This certificate is only awarded to companies that are genuinely working on decarbonization or CO₂ reduction
This includes setting verifiable reduction targets and an annual review by our auditors. After all, decarbonization is a dynamic process that requires continuous monitoring and ongoing optimization. Together, we work with you to successfully reduce your CO₂ footprint. To keep up the drive of the reduction process, the decarbNOW® certificate will be granted as Global Climate® Certified in subsequent years if actual progresses have been verified and measured by Global Climate®. Our label decarbNOW® therefore does not stand for ‘climate neutrality’, but for companies that are serious and honest about taking responsibility, and hard working on their company’s CO₂ reduction.

Global Climate

We award our global climate certification to companies that have their own decarbonization and achieve measurable success
As evidence of decarbonization, a financial data-based CO₂ assessment of the company is prepared with our tool Sco₂pes® and verified by Global Climate® analysts. Certification is carried out annually.

For the award of the certificate, the purchase of climate protection certificates is not necessary and will not be taken into account. Only genuine CO₂ reductions within the company (improved processes, climate-conscious behavioral changes, renewable energy sources) count.

Auditors’ certification

Global Climate® GmbH cooperates with the established ReweCon GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft. Therefore, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a decarbNOW or Global Climate® certification, a tax consultant certificate can also be issued on request. ReweCon GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft is a renowned tax consulting company specialized in sustainability with offices in Stuttgart, Munich and Linz (Austria). In an interdisciplinary network of tax consultants, lawyers and auditors, it offers comprehensive consulting and auditing services from one source.
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