Repor­ting your CO₂ emis­si­ons assess­ment — an important bene­fit for you, your busi­ness part­ners, and your investors

In addi­ti­on to deter­mi­ning the loca­ti­on and amount of CO₂ emis­si­ons pro­du­ced, Global Cli­ma­te® pre­pa­res a detail­ed CO₂ report. Our CO₂ repor­ting is car­ri­ed out in accordance with inter­na­tio­nal­ly reco­gni­zed repor­ting stan­dards (Global Repor­ting Initia­ti­ve — GRI Stan­dard 305) and is also part of the legal­ly man­da­to­ry or vol­un­ta­ry sus­taina­bi­li­ty repor­ting for companies.

It inclu­des a detail­ed and cate­go­ri­zed CO₂ emis­si­ons assess­ment of the cli­ma­te-audi­ted com­pa­ny. This pro­vi­des our cus­to­mers with a manage­ment tool to mea­su­re and con­ti­nuous­ly review the effi­ci­en­cy of their cli­ma­te reduc­tion stra­te­gies and to com­mu­ni­ca­te them in a trust­worthy manner. At the same time, the CO₂ report is also an important com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on tool for inves­tors and busi­ness part­ners and a mark of qua­li­ty for your com­pa­ny that should not be unde­re­sti­ma­ted. After all, the data and report of your CO₂ assess­ment influ­ence your own ESG rating!

Global Report — Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Reports From Global Climate®.

With our addi­tio­nal soft­ware module Global Report, you are able to intui­tively create your sus­taina­bi­li­ty report accord­ing to the most important repor­ting standards:

  • Global Repor­ting Initia­ti­ve (GRI),
  • Sus­tainab­le Deve­lo­p­ment Goals (SDG) and
  • German Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Code (DNK)
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