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One partner. One goal:

We make companies climate neutral

Who we are?

Technology leader and human being

As a leading software provider for automated CO₂ balances and ESG ratings, we offer our customers 100% reliable and audit-proof values. Innovative products, competent consulting and easy-to-integrate software solutions are what set GLOBAL CLIMATE apart. We want to secure the future for generations.

We are committed to this: humanly as well as technically, on service as well as product level. We make possible what is possible, day after day. Let's work together to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shape a sustainable future: for our children and all living creatures on this earth.

What drives us?

Securing the future for generations

Concern about climate change and the will to secure the future for generations drive us. What fury will nature develop and respond with storms, floods and droughts if we don't find solutions now? We support companies on the path to a Net Zero balance by providing automated, reliable and audit-proof software solutions.

Our goal?

Climate neutrality for all companies

Our goal is to enable small, medium-sized and large companies to produce and operate more sustainably. By identifying CO₂ drivers with our software solutions, we empower companies to take action on short-term climate protection measures and develop long-term sustainability strategies. We support companies on their way to climate neutrality. Our software enables companies to create auditable CO₂ balances and ESG ratings at any time in a fully automated and ERP-based manner and to comply with legal obligations.

About us

Expertise meets the joy of doing

The founding couple Sabine and Altan Günsoy are driven by the idea of securing the future for generations. Now and in the future. This is only possible if we all rethink our actions and companies can easily identify their CO₂ drivers. Because only those who know their weak points can develop strategies to eliminate them. The solution: software that can measure the CO₂ balance in real time and generate ESG ratings at any time.

We pooled our core competencies, assembled an interdisciplinary team of sustainability experts, IT specialists, tax consultants, lawyers, business economists, energy managers, auditors and communications experts, and founded GLOBAL CLIMATE.

Individuality and responsibility are core corporate values that shape our actions. We value diversity in our team, because we know that only different opinions and ideas will bring us further. With pleasure in doing and competence in doing, we support you on your way to an optimized CO₂ management.


Altan Günsoy

CEO, tax consultant

From my vita as a tax consultant, I developed the idea to automatically convert accounting data into CO2 data in order to make emissions of companies measurable at any time. The GLOBAL CLIMATE software solutions promise absolute audit security and are always adapted to the latest regulations and laws. Smart, simple and sustainable - that is our promise to you!

Sabine Günsoy


Leaving a world worth living in for future generations is what motivated us to found GLOBAL CLIMATE. This idea is firmly anchored in our brand essence "Securing the Future for Generations". As the person responsible for human resources development and CMO at GLOBAL CLIMATE, my focus is on driving this goal a little further every day as a team and together with our customers.