12. June 2021

Climate protection certificates and greenwashing?

Climate protection certificates and greenwashing? If unavoidable CO₂ emissions still remain after CO₂ reduction measures have been implemented, companies often resort to buying climate protection certificates so that they can call themselves climate-neutral or even climate-positive. This is then referred to as CO2 compensation.

However, offsetting CO₂ emissions is sometimes viewed by the public as "greenwashing" or "selling indulgences ". Our opinion on this is clear:

It is better to support a climate protection project than to do nothing at all! However, from Global Climate's point of view, it is always better to invest directly in one's own company in order to implement new energy-saving processes, green energy sources and comprehensive CO₂ education than to simply make payments to climate protection projects in third countries. In the medium term, this also makes more sense economically and technologically for companies so that they are not left behind by the competition and rivals.

However, if there is a desire to make CO2 offset payments, our focus here is on regional German climate protection projects. They are easier to track and control. They also meet the desire of many companies based in Germany to offset CO₂ in the region where it was caused by their company. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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