Faci­li­ty Carbon Risk Management

Sco₂­FaRM® ana­ly­zes CO₂ hot spots and necessa­ry CO₂ reduc­tion mea­su­res for com­mer­cial real estate holdings.

About two-thirds of the exis­ting buil­dings do not meet EU and tech­ni­cal cli­ma­te neu­tra­li­ty targets.

This means costly retro­fits for pro­per­ty owners. Becau­se of these risks — loss of value and high costs — (stran­ded assets) par­ti­ci­pants in the capi­tal market and the EU Com­mis­si­on with its Sus­tainab­le Finan­ce Stra­te­gy are cal­ling for cor­re­spon­ding dis­clo­sure obligations.

Con­si­de­ring this, com­pa­nies are well advi­sed to know and assess their cli­ma­te risks.

An essen­ti­al pre­re­qui­si­te is pro­fes­sio­nal carbon accoun­ting.  Based on the results sui­ta­ble tar­gets can be defi­ned to mini­mi­ze the iden­ti­fied risks. To achie­ve this, emis­si­ons indi­ca­tors must be of a simi­lar qua­li­ty to the finan­cial indi­ca­tors pre­sen­ted in the annual finan­cial statements.

Sco₂­FaRM® com­plies with the requi­re­ments of GEFMA Gui­de­li­ne 162–1 and sup­ports you in the ana­ly­sis of your real estate port­fo­lio and the simu­la­ti­on of necessa­ry refur­bish­ment measures.

Your advan­ta­ges with Sco₂FaRM®:
Infor­ma­ti­ve simu­la­ti­ons on:

  • Energy effi­ci­en­cy
  • CO₂ savings
  • Finan­cing and
  • Pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty

The auto­ma­ted input of emis­si­on-rele­vant data is pos­si­ble via the sepa­ra­te finan­cial state­ment of the busi­ness unit or the faci­li­ty management.

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