The only financial data-based CO₂ accounting software

Sco₂pes generates audit-compliant, based on the entire value process-based CO₂ data

Based on the valid financial data of each of each company, we generate audit-proof CO₂ data based on the entire value-added process. Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3! In this way, we establish a dynamic controlling system that, at any time, according to your financial data, shows the current and/or the development of the CO₂ balance sheet. at any time. The result: your CO₂ balance. Calculated on the Global Climate®'s financial data-based CO₂ controlling system. Our unique method opens up the possibility recording and the use as a controlling tool for CO₂. as a controlling tool for CO₂ reduction strategies.
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Our unique selling points

Financial data-based

We record business transactions of the company directly in the accounting system. ERP systems and financial accounting (software-independent)


We implement software directly into your processes, ERP system and financial accounting (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, ...) on request

Real-time data

We generate CO₂balances in real time and at the push of a button


We create carbon footprints within group structures and also with the inclusion of


We process every CO₂-relevant business transaction in the company for the entire reporting year

Process optimization

We show you development potential in your accounting processes
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Our approach-Your advantages

Cost savings

The time required to search for and enter the necessary data is one of the biggest problems for companies when it comes to carbon accounting.
Complete data transfer via automated interface: Our control system reduces the time and effort required for data entry at your company to a minimum and enables us to process large volumes of data. The data are exclusively handled by our specially trained tax consultants

backed by science

The most important basis for a realistic CO₂ balance is the correct CO2 emission factors
Our CO₂ database is scientifically reviewed and verified by the German Institute for Industrial Ecology at Pforzheim University. The audit concludes that the greenhouse gas potentials in our database provide suitable and sufficiently documented background data for the assessment of corporate carbon footprints.

Information competence

Identifying the necessary CO₂ data and information is extremely difficult. Where do I have to look and what do I have to look for?
As tax consultants, we know where to search and where to find the necessary information in corporate financial data. Our guiding principle is: No entry without a receipt. Therefore, only reliable data will be included in the CO₂ accounting. We are experts to identify, qualify, and analyze this genuine corporate data.

Process-integrated CO₂ balancing for SAP users

Thanks to our cooperation with HPC Aktiengesellschaft, we can offer you a unique solution that fully embeds your CO₂ balancing in the SAP landscape. With little effort, complete transparency in the value chain is mapped in a process-integrated and financial data-based manner.

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