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Digitize sustainability in real time

CO2-footprint and ESG rating

Fully automated and process-integrated

We convert euro amounts into CO2-values

The evaluation of CO2-relevant data takes up a lot of time in companies and is associated with a high personnel effort if it is not created automatically. This is not only cost-intensive, but the collected data may also not be audit-proof. The software solutions we have developed can not only convert euro amounts into CO2 values, they also deliver absolutely accurate and audit-proof results, and do so in real time. The appropriate emission value is determined for each recorded document: regardless of whether it concerns material costs, business trips or logistics processes. Our process-integrated method reliably covers all scopes (Scope 1, 2 and 3) and all areas of the ESG rating (Environment, Social, Governance).

Our software solutions

With our comprehensive software solutions, we firmly anchor sustainability in your company: from CO2 balancing and automated monitoring of global supply chains in the ESG sector to transparent documentation of balance sheets for auditors. Even the exchange of sustainability data with your partners is organized via a platform. Identify your CO2 drivers easily at the push of a button, Create your ESG rating automatically, Exchange important sustainability data with your partners, This way you monitor your sustainability data and that of your partners.

Identify your CO2 drivers easily at the push of a button
Create your ESG rating automatically
DATAHUB - Exchange Platform.
Exchange important sustainability data with your partners
CONTROL - Audit-Tool.
How to monitor your and your partners' sustainability data

Measure. Compensate. Balance.

Digital CO2-management

Only those who know their CO2 balance, can trust the evaluated data and identify neuralgic areas in the company can develop long-term effective corporate strategies, define concrete sustainability goals and achieve Net-Zero. Companies that want to survive on the market in the future must act sustainably, otherwise they will be punished by law. Sustainability is no longer a matter of attitude but a decisive competitive advantage.

Simplicity pays off

Reducing costs through automation

The compilation of a CO2 balance poses challenges for the CSR department of large companies. Especially when corporate structures are complex and international supply chains need to be integrated. It's much easier than you think!

Simplicity has advantages

Integrated once - benefits forever


We process every CO2-relevant business transaction in the company for the entire reporting year in an audit-proof manner.


We uncover potential areas where CO2 emissions can be reduced and compensated.


We record the company's business transactions directly from the ERP system and financial accounting. PROCESS-INTEGRATED


We implement software directly into the processes, ERP systems and financial accounting (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.) on request.


We calculate CO2 emissions including global supply chains for scope 1, 2 and 3 in real time.