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With the CONTROL-audit tool

Fulfill the CSR reporting obligation

The CONTROL audit tool ensures that your carbon footprint can be fully audited and certified by an auditor, in accordance with the newly applicable CSRD guidelines.

Full control over CSR reporting requirements.

With CONTROL: the smart audit tool

With the new directives and regulations, the European Union is setting higher standards for sustainability reporting by companies, banks and insurance companies. The goal of the CSR reporting obligation is to bring more transparency to environmental and social aspects of companies in the EU. All ESG areas with a particular focus on ecological aspects, such as CO2 accounting, are affected. Unlike previous regulations on sustainability reporting, the new CSR reporting requirements also stipulate an auditor's certificate: along the GHG protocol, all companies subject to reporting requirements must include their CO2 emissions in the form of a balance sheet in their management report. As a result, it is important to ensure complete and transparent documentation of the CO2 accounting in order to present it to the auditor if required. With our audit tool CONTROL, the reporting obligation becomes child's play.

Complex guidelines need smart solutions

Fulfill CSRD requirements in an audit-proof manner

The CONTROL audit tool ensures that the CO2 balance sheet can be fully audited and certified by an auditor in accordance with CSRD guidelines. Each individual entry is traceable for the auditor. This is done by documenting the collection methodology within the software. CONTROL guarantees that all data has been uploaded correctly and reliably identifies discrepancies. In addition, the CO2 databases and conversion logics are stored. Thus, an auditor can access the software without creating further manual effort for our customers.

Your advantages

  • Audit-proof fulfillment of CSRD criteria
  • Verification of uploaded data
  • Guarantee of a cost-effective audit by the auditor or environmental auditors
  • Transparent documentation of CO2 balancing
  • Receiving the GLOBAL CLIMATE certificate.

Everything under control

Audit security with CONTROL

CONTROL is an audit tool that helps you monitor and control your CO2 accounting. We guarantee absolute audit security with our software solution. See for yourself!

With the platform, we can map complex group structures with the different subsidiaries.

Depending on the configuration, the subsidiaries can create an independent balance sheet or report the CO2 emissions consolidated within the group.

In the event of an audit, it is possible to disclose this data transparently.

Sustainable solutions from a single source

GLOBAL CLIMATE offers sustainable solutions from a single source: Combine CONTROL with our other software solutions SCOPES, SCORES and the DATAHUB: we cannot set you up any more sustainably!