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With the DATAHUB

exchange CO2-data

The DATA HUB is a free platform for companies to exchange all relevant CO2 data on products or company processes with suppliers, partners, service providers and vendors. In this way, you not only have an overview of your supply chain, but also improve your own ESG rating through the targeted selection of sustainably operating partners.

Keep your eyes open when choosing partners

Improve your ESG rating

Conveniently exchange sustainability data with your suppliers, partners, vendors and service providers via our free CO2 data platform. All values determined using our SCOPES and SCORES software solutions can be automatically stored on the platform. However, externally determined data from partners and service providers can also be integrated into the DATAHUB. If you know the CO2 data of your partners along the entire supply chain, you can work specifically with companies that have reduced their emissions to a minimum and thereby improve your own ESG rating. This is because not only the company's own values are relevant, but also those of its partners and service providers.

The advantages are on the hub

  • Precise recording of all CO2 data from suppliers, partners, vendors and service providers
  • Exchange of exact values within the value chain
  • Automatic integration of partner companies that have created their CO2 balancing with the GLOBAL CLIMATE software
  • Possibility to integrate externally determined data into the platform
  • Improvement of the ESG rating by selecting the right partners

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Easily exchange CO2-data

The DATAHUB is a platform where you can exchange sustainability data with suppliers, service providers, partners and vendors. We show you how!

In the DATAHUB, CO2 data can be shared with various companies (service providers, customers or suppliers).

These can be related to a product or service.

The reference to the respective scope and CO2 category is stored for the emissions.

This data can be transferred directly from SCOPES and shared at the push of a button.

Sustainable solutions from a single source

GLOBAL CLIMATE offers sustainable solutions from a single source: Combine DATAHUB with our other software solutions SCOPES, SCORES and the CONTROL: we cannot set you up any more sustainably!