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With the software SCOPES

Calculate CO2 footprint with SCOPES software.

With SCOPES, you can easily calculate your company's CO₂ footprint at the touch of a button. All information relevant to your CO₂ balance sheet is extracted from data sets in a fully automated process. This information is both transparent and audit-proof, enabling companies to comply with legal requirements.

Reduction begins with balancing

Identifying CO2-drivers: with SCOPES

CO₂ drivers in companies must be identified in order to reduce and balance them: Greenhouse gas reduction starts with greenhouse gas balancing. It's that simple and that's how our SCOPES software works. With the GLOBAL CLIMATE software, you will be able to create your company's CO₂ balance (Corporate Carbon Footprint/CCF) and that of your products (Product Carbon Footprint/PCF) on a daily basis and at the push of a button.

CO2 balancing with SCOPES can be this easy

Company data in. CO2 data out.

Based on valid financial data from procurement and accounting, we generate audit-proof CO₂ data in Scope 1, 2 and 3 based on the entire value-added process: the GLOBAL CLIMATE software is comparable to a dynamic controlling system that reflects the current status and development of your company's CO₂ emissions at any time based on financial data. The result: an always up-to-date CO₂ footprint that is calculated in real time and is the starting point for your reduction strategies. Our software can easily be integrated into your existing processes and into all ERP systems such as SAP (incl. S4HANA), Microsoft Dynamics, DATEV, Oracle, Sage or ABAS.

Your advantages

  • No more manual collection of data
  • Time and cost savings through process automation
  • Absolutely audit-proof and reliable data
  • Recognize neuralgic points at any time and be able to act at short notice
  • Meet legal requirements and obligation to provide evidence

An explanation of terms

What are scope 1, 2 and 3?

Scope 1

Direct emissions

Scope 1 comprises the direct emissions that companies cause, as is the case in the areas of vehicle fleet, infrastructure, processes, products and events. The decisive factors here are, for example, how high the proportion of e-mobility is, how the buildings are insulated and whether the production processes are effective.

Scope 2

Indirect emissions

Scope 2 bundles all indirect emissions that result from the use of externally provided energy. This can vary greatly depending on the supplier. For example, switching to green electricity or integrating an in-house photovoltaic system can already significantly reduce your company's footprint.

Scope 3

Emissions upstream and downstream

Scope 3 describes the emissions that occur upstream and downstream in connection with your products and services along the entire supply chain. This includes suppliers and partners with whom you work. The more sustainably they operate, the lower your CO₂ footprint and the better your ESG rating.

We provide insight

What does our software do?

SCOPES flexibly adapts to your system and your requirements, regardless of whether you work with ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, DATEV, Oracle, Sage or ABAS. Based on your data from accounting, bookkeeping and enterprise resource planning, we can create accurate CO2 balances across all company codes. During the onboarding process, we discuss in detail which special features and specific requirements need to be taken into account and model our solution accordingly.

On this platform, you can view your CO2 balance by time period and across the respective Scopes 1, 2 and 3 at any time.

Through our SCOPES Financials, you can upload your totals and balances list at any time to get an up-to-date interim view of your CO2-data.

The account summary is stored in the system during onboarding, so an allocation already exists.

Detailed data can be entered under SCOPES Units. CO2 categories and CO2 types are already stored for this purpose.

With this additional function it is possible to map the logistics chain with the respective supplier.

Sustainable solutions from one source

GLOBAL CLIMATE offers sustainable solutions from a single source: Combine SCOPES with our other software solutions SCORES, CONTROL and the DATAHUB: we can't set you up any more sustainably!