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With the software SCORES

ESG management made easy

The ESG rating is a globally recognized and standardized quality index for sustainable supply chains in the area of environment, social and governance. The basis for any good rating is very good ESG management: and the best way to organize this is fully automated, transparent and audit-proof. With our SCORES software, you have your ESG management under control at all times and can easily implement the legal requirements.

Responsibility has three letters: ESG

Automated ESG rating with SCORES

SCORES is an analytics SaaS and data management software that monitors sustainability and ensures compliance with laws, regulations and standards along global supply chains. The ESG rating provides information on the sustainability of companies and business partners. The score determined in this process enables the comparison of different companies and is an important competitive advantage, as it is highly relevant for the decisions, activities and strategic directions of companies. Thus, the criteria in the ESG rating go far beyond climate protection. In addition to environmental and economic aspects, topics such as occupational safety, health protection, diversity and social commitment are also part of the assessment. With our software, you can evaluate an unlimited number of service providers and business partners and make a strategic selection of your suppliers.

The UN Climate Goals

Binding worldwide

In 2015, the UN climate goals were adopted by the united nations. All 193 members have committed to implementing them by 2030. The goals take into account all three dimensions of sustainability (environmental, social, economic) and are therefore also relevant for corporate ESG management.


Protect the Earth

Clean water and sanitation, clean energy, reduced inequalities, climate action, protecting life in water and on land

Focus on people

No poverty, no hunger, health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, quality education, equality for all genders, fewer inequalities

Promote prosperity

No poverty, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation infrastructure, reduce inequalities, sustainable consumption, sustainable production, sustainable cities and municipalities

Promote peace

Promote greater equity, inclusive societies

Global partnership

Sustainable development, principle of enhanced global solidarity.

You have a duty. We agree with you.

Digital and legally compliant ESG management.

Regulatory requirements are increasing: Companies will be held much more accountable in the future with EU compliance regulations and sustainable business guidelines: Sustainability information must be disclosed along the entire value chain. The reporting and disclosure obligations regarding ESG criteria are not only mandatory for global players, but also for medium-sized companies. Our software generates exact and audit-proof values in accordance with official and international ESG standards and, of course, also fulfills future ESG guidelines as well as the criteria of the EU Taxonomy Regulation coming into force.

SCORES does better what others promise

All advantages at a glance

  • Unlimited supplier ratings worldwide in different languages
  • No implementation effort; relevant data is read in automatically
  • Direct connection to SCOPES for CO₂ emission calculations
  • SAP process integration within one day
  • Supplier evaluations directly from SAP
  • Monitoring of your suppliers in a clear dashboard
  • Integrated country-specific rating criteria from 179 countries
  • Evaluations for your own CSR system
  • Consideration of the new EU taxonomy
  • Scorings dependent on investment strategy
  • Ongoing information about missing relevant information through the alert function in real time
  • Acceptance of ESG ratings from other providers

How SCORES works

Audit security at a glance

SCORES is the software that maps the entire ESG area in the company. Based on the automatically generated data, you can improve your sustainability management and minimize climate-related risks.

SCORES is the software that maps the entire ESG area in the company. Based on the automatically generated data, you can improve your sustainability management and minimize climate-related risks.

Our software offers a standard ESG questionnaire that can be filled out by suppliers on the website.

The questionnaires can be customized with internal analysts to meet specific requirements.

Sustainable solutions from a single source

GLOBAL CLIMATE offers sustainable solutions from one source: Combine SCORES with our other software solutions SCOPES, CONTROL and the DATAHUB: we can't set you up any more sustainable!