Sustainability monitoring for
global supply chains

Process-integrated ESG rating

The ESG rating (Environment/Social/Governance) has established itself around the world as the quality index for sustainable supply chains, investment and company ratings.
Based on our decades of experience as tax advisors, lawyers and sustainability experts, we have developed our own advanced ESG rating tool: Sco₂res®.

This gives you the opportunity to subject your global supply chains to comprehensive sustainability and compliance monitoring in an automated, data-based and real-time manner.
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Monitoring of
Sustainability and
compliance at:

Supply chains worldwide

With Sco₂res® you can evaluate
an unlimited number of suppliers 
or make a strategic selection of 
your most important providers.
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Consideration of different investment strategies — such as profit-oriented, responsible or sustainable — through different scoring methods. In addition to Environment, Social and Governance, we also add the module “Economic” to the rating.
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Whether you want to 
evaluate your company
for own compliance 
objectives or external 
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