Digitizing sustainability in companies

Smart and automated management of carbon footprints, ESG ratings and statutory reporting obligations in sustainability reporting: in the GLOBAL SUITE.
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Ingeniously digital

Fulfilling sustainability reporting

Our corporate sustainability software creates carbon footprints, performs ESG ratings and offers automated solutions for the implementation of ESG, Supply Chain Sustainability Act (LkSG) and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requirements at the touch of a button. As a leading provider of carbon footprints, ESG ratings and statutory reporting requirements, we guarantee 100% reliable values. The GLOBAL SUITE bundles all sustainability reporting requirements and ensures simple, reliable, and software-supported sustainability management for companies. GLOBAL CLIMATE digitalizes all sustainability requirements for companies. This is what we mean by ingeniously digital.
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Trustworthy ESG ratings

Smart ESG-Management

Trustworthy ESG ratings

Smart ESG-Management

A standardized, software supported ESG rating offers clear advantages such as consistent analysis and an efficient assessment of environmental, social and governance aspects. Objective data evaluation improves the credibility of the rating, strengthens the trust of investors and stakeholders, promotes sustainable business practices, and increases the value of the company in the long term.

What is your ranking?

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Software-aided CSRD management

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Software-aided CSRD management

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) promotes transparency and accountability in sustainability reporting. Our expertise enables the legal penetration of materiality analyses and ESRS standards as well as the software-supported fulfillment of the legally compliant CSRD guidelines.

Towards a smart solution
Further solutions from our suite

Tacking sustainability is a massive task

Our software solutions make it easy

Are you interested in creating a sustainability report or are you affected by the statutory reporting obligations in sustainability reporting? Implementing sustainability in a company is a substantial task and involves considerable challenges. Our software solution, the GLOBAL SUITE, offers a solution for all reporting obligations: with GLOBAL FOOTPRINT you can manage your company’s CO2 balance and with GLOBAL COMPLIANCE the statutory sustainability reporting obligations: smart. simple. sustainable.

CO2 footprint

Audit-proof CO2 balancing

CO2 footprint

Audit-proof CO2 balancing

Our software makes CO2 emissions transparently scalable in real time and reliably identifies critical points across all scopes and in all ESG relevant areas. This enables companies to act quickly and take appropriate measures to reduce and offset their corporate carbon footprint (CCF).

CO2 balance in realtime

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

LkSG management in real time

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

LkSG management in real time

GLOBAL CLIMATE combines legal knowledge with software expertise to efficiently fulfill the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. Our tailor-made solutions for sustainability along global supply chains ensure precise implementation, minimize risks and ensure Bafa-compliant Implementation.

Your LkSG-Management

You do not know whether your company is affected?

We make sustainability measurable for companies. With our software, you can create automated CO2 balance sheets or standardized ESG ratings at any time at your fingertips and manage CSRD and LkSG requirements with software support.

Check now which reporting obligations apply to your company.

You are affected by CSRD.

We therefore recommend using the following modules:
- CSRD module
- SBT monitoring

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Sie sind vom LkSG betroffen.

Daher empfehlen wir den Einsatz folgender Module:
- LkSG-Modul

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What makes us unique?

Turning data into solutions

Interface management
It doesn't get any better than this

We enable real-time communication and seamless data exchange between your software and our system - regardless of the in-house software. Whether ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, ABAS or Microsoft Dynamics, accounting software such as SAP, DATEV or BI tools such as LucaNet, DataPine - we adapt flexibly to your requirements.

Technology leader
for automated CO2 balances

Our software is ERP-based, process-integrated and automated. CO2 emissions are calculated based on postings and documents from the accounting system.

100% audit-proof and transparent data

As a leading sustainability software provider, we guarantee our customers 100% auditable and audit-proof data. Our comprehensive, user-friendly software solutions enable companies to transparently track, measure and report on their sustainability efforts.

Would you like to know how our sustainability reporting software works? 

Then book a DEMO with us. We would be happy to show you in a live session how easy it is to organize your sustainability management in the GLOBAL Suite.
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Our success stories

Customer testimonials – how’s their experience with us

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Eva Klambauer
Division Sustainability Specialist

"As part of the Science Based Targets initiative, Sandvik has committed to a targeted reduction in emissions in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. The GLOBAL FOOTPRINT solution has helped us to create a greenhouse gas balance sheet quickly, easily and, above all, audit-proof. What makes GLOBAL CLIMATE irreplaceable for us is the direct connection to our ERP system, which allows us to monitor our entire greenhouse gas emissions on a daily basis, including Scope 3! With the GLOBAL CLIMATE team, we have found a reliable partner on the road to a sustainable future."

Holger Cecco-Stark
Head of Projects & CSRD

"We now have a tool that we can work with very easily and effectively. It provides us with exactly the evaluations we need at the push of a button and helps us move forward."

Andreas Wolf
Head of administration

"Global Climate's software solution for calculating carbon footprints impresses with scientifically calculated emission factors that are missing in common databases. With hundreds of such factors, it enables hospitals to achieve faster, more accurate and audit-proof carbon footprinting."

Astrid Sadlak
Head of Sustainability Office

"We opted for GLOBAL CLIMATE's LkSG management system because of the software's impressive functionality and the modular structure of the platform. We are very satisfied and would like to say thank you for the great support."

Jana Rieling
Environmental management officer

"Carbon accounting is usually time-consuming and requires researching a lot of data. GLOBAL CLIMATE cleverly uses existing accounting data, which saves time and ensures accuracy through verified data. We were impressed by the customized support from the onboarding team. Now, thanks to the software, we can carry out our annual carbon footprinting with minimal effort."


Always up to date

The new LkSG has been in force since 2023

The new Supply Chain Due Diligence Act is in effect. Since January 2023, companies are legally obliged to observe and report on human rights and environmental due diligence throughout their entire supply chain.

Innovation needs space

The GLOBAL CLIMATE Workspace is expanding, by 1000 sqm of office space. Our offerings, product range, and team is growing. We are excited about having more space for development and innovation at our headquarters in Isarhoch, Straßlach near Munich.

Vaering invests

With our software solutions, we aim to be the global standard for companies to measure sustainability. With Vaering, we have an investor who shares our vision and is strategically pursuing it together with us.
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