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Global Climate makes carbon emissions measurable. In procurement, in accounting, in real time
The calculation of CO₂ emissions is based on the financial data of your company. This guarantees absolute comparability, transparency and audit security. Because every single CO₂ value is based on booking posts and receipts from your accounting system!
The earlier a company adapts to future environmental standards, the greater its scope for action and advantage in knowledge. Active environmental protection gives you the chance to act instead of reacting under the impending threat of legal regulations. Transparency only works when it is complete.
At the same time, active climate protection offers companies the opportunity to increase liquidity and profits by investing in their own business with short payback periods and high returns.

You can only
control what you
can measure

Why do we base CO₂ values on financial data?

Because we can

As tax consultants, we are accounting experts. Our core competence lies in identifying, classifying, and analyzing extensive financial data

It saves months of research

The search for CO₂-relevant data in companies requires time and personnel — both highly cost-intensive resources

Data quality

With our process-integrated software, we can determine CO₂-relevant information from large amounts of data at the push of a button

process-integrated carbon accounting

Our unique method provides the possibility of continuous monitoring and serves as an excellent control tool for CO₂ reduction strategies. Time-consuming data research, high personnel expenditure, inaccurate and past-oriented data were yesterday. CO₂ accounting today is possible with: Sco₂pes
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process-integrated ESG-Rating

The ESG rating (Environment, Social and Governance) has established itself around the world as the quality index for sustainable supply chains and company ratings. Based on our decades of experience as tax advisors, lawyers and sustainability experts, we have developed our own advanced ESG rating tool: Sco₂res®.
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The new supply chain law is coming. Are you prepared for it?

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Climate protection certificates and greenwashing?

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