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ESG reporting and ESG rating is a globally recognized and standardized quality index for sustainable action in the areas of environment, social and governance. The best way to organize ESG is fully automated, transparent and audit-proof: with our ESG software GLOBAL COMPLIANCE.
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Software for automated ESG ratings

Sustainability has three letters: ESG

GLOBAL COMPLIANCE is an analytics SaaS and data management software that monitors sustainability and ensures compliance with laws, regulations, and standards throughout global supply chains. The ESG rating provides information on the sustainability of companies and business partners. The score determined here enables a comparison of different companies and is an important competitive advantage, as it is highly relevant for the decisions, activities, and strategic orientation of companies. With our ESG software, you can evaluate an unlimited number of service providers and business partners. Suppliers identified as high risk in the risk analysis can be replaced by sustainable suppliers.
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Looking deeper: How our ESG software works

ESG risk analysis and supplier assessment 

The Global Climate ESG analysis includes assessments in the three ESG categories of environment, social and governance. A total of 21 areas with up to 160 ESG criteria are assessed. Once the answers have been submitted, they are verified by GLOBAL CLIMATE and the documents and certificates are validated.

Environmental questionnaire:

Information on the environmental impact of the company and its suppliers is obtained here.

Social questionnaire:

In the social area, the focus is on aspects such as child and forced labor, diversity and employee health and safety.

Governance questionnaire:

The governance section deals with the company's business practices, responsible corporate management and guidelines.
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Digital and legally compliant ESG management

Companies are facing increasing regulatory requirements due to EU compliance regulations and directives for a sustainable economy. The disclosure of sustainability information along the value chain is becoming mandatory, not only for global players but also for medium-sized companies. Our ESG software generates audit-proof scores according to official ESG standards and complies with current and upcoming ESG directives and the EU Taxonomy Regulation.
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You want it in gold?

Your ESG scorecard

In a risk analysis, the company's suppliers and service providers are assessed and the results evaluated. Once all relevant data has been included and fully recorded, the company's score is calculated and an ESG scorecard is issued. 
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Weltweit verbindlich

The UN climate goals

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the UN climate goals. All 193 members have committed to implementing them by 2030. The 17 goals (Sustainability Development Goals) consider all three ESG dimensions of sustainability and are therefore also relevant for the ESG management of companies.


Preservation of nature,
Conservation of biodiversity.


Protection of human rights,
Promotion of social justice.


Promotion of sustainable economy,
poverty reduction.


Promotion of peace,
Prevention of conflicts.


International co-operation,
Joint efforts for climate protection.

Another word for sustainability

What does ESG mean?

ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance. This term refers to criteria for sustainable business practices that are considered by investors and companies worldwide to promote environmental impact, social responsibility, and good corporate governance.