Prepare sustainability data thoroughly and implement it effectively

Companies are increasingly under legal pressure to not only disclose their sustainability data but, more importantly, to develop reduction strategies and take concrete measures to reduce emissions and act responsibly along the entire supply chain: socially, economically, and ecologically. Our advanced software solutions facilitate the automated collection and analysis of sustainability data, making it effortless for companies to meet legal reporting obligations.
Smart loop 3

Onboarding with a System

Introducing Software for Sustainable Action

Our software ensures a complete audit-proof carbon footprint and comprehensive compliance sustainability management: ESG management, CSRD management, and LkSG management. To meet this level of quality, the data interface to the ERP system must run smoothly. In the onboarding process, we identify the right data sources for various Scope categories. When collecting CO2 data, especially in the area of Scope 3 emissions, we offer a comprehensive service package to fully automate the interface.
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Are you a SAP user? Even better!

We integrate carbon footprint accounting into your standard SAP processes.

Through our collaboration with HPC Aktiengesellschaft (SAP Gold Partner), we can fully embed carbon footprint accounting into your SAP landscape. You continue working on the familiar SAP interface, while we operate invisibly in the background. With minimal effort, complete transparency in the value chain is process-integrated and depicted based on financial data.

Everything according to plan for sustainable action

Phase 1: Project Kickoff and Preparation

Before moving on to the integration of our software solutions, GLOBAL FOOTPRINT and GLOBAL COMPLIANCE, thorough preparation is essential. How is your company structured? What does your IT infrastructure look like? What potential obstacles might arise? In what timeframe would implementation be sensible and realistic? Stay calm. We've got it covered! Our experienced project management team takes care of everything, from the initial data requirements to scheduling workshops, adhering to timelines, and managing internal/external communication. We are a reliable process companion.

Boundaries set the framework

Phase 2: Operational and Organizational system Boundaries

A carbon footprint requires a clear definition of the organizational and operational system boundaries to which it relates. The organizational system boundaries describe the unit (consolidation scope) and the tenure on which the carbon footprint is based (Who?). The operational system boundaries describe the emission sources that are considered within the organizational boundaries (What?). Together with you, we determine meaningful system boundaries and provide advice, particularly in the context of corporate reporting. Only after that do we define the final algorithms in our software for your company.

Clear data foundation. Audit-proof accounting

Phase 3: Definition of Interfaces

We enable communication and real-time data exchange between your system and our software, independent of the software used. Whether it's ERP systems (e.g., SAP, Oracle, Sage, ABAS, Microsoft Dynamics), accounting (SAP, DATEV), or BI tools (e.g., LucaNet, DataPine) – we manage the interface integration for you. Neatly integrated, our software calculates and categorizes CO2 emissions from your accounting with just a click of a button. The output? Complete, absolutely reliable, and audit-proof data.

Systems are only as good as their users

Phase 4: Training

The best system cannot be effective if the people using it are not trained in terms of functionality and operation. Even though our software operates fully automated: Every team is specifically trained and educated by us to be well-versed in all functions – be it accounting, CSR department, IT department. In the end, everyone knows which button to press to obtain clean ESG data management (ESG ratings and risk analyses), audit-proof carbon footprints, or the necessary reports from CSRD management and LkSG management.

With us, it runs smoothly

Phase 5: Roll-out

Now it's about the actual technical software implementation. This includes approval from management and quality assurance. With the installation, the software is linked to your systems: Ideally, we perform data migration in the first step in your test system and meticulously check the functioning of all interfaces and business transactions. After successful testing, the transfer to your production system, the Go-Live, and handover to the project team take place. Just to give you a rough idea of the project duration: For a standardized software integration in a mid-sized company, we need approximately one month from Kick-Off to Go-Live.

Project kick-off
& Preparations

Configuration of
System Boundaries


Employee Training

Transfer to Production System 

Go-live Hypercare Phase

Data Upload and Testing
in the Test System

Pre-configured Database
with Interfaces

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