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Product Carbon Footprint

The product carbon footprint (PCF) is an important factor in achieving better sustainability and environmental protection. It provides information on the total emissions associated with the manufacture, use and disposal of a product. This transparency is not only important for the sustainable appearance of your company, but also for meeting the increasing demands of customers, investors and regulatory authorities.
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Identifying CO2 drivers

Calculate Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Calculating the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) manually can be very complex as it requires a comprehensive analysis of the entire supply chain. Our software-supported solution, GLOBAL FOOTPRINT, makes it easy for companies to determine the PCF at the push of a button, as data collection is guaranteed across the entire product life cycle. To do this, we aggregate valid information from various sources such as suppliers, production processes, transportation, and end use. Want to find out more?
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Coming 2024

Calculate Water Footprint

The calculation of the water footprint, which measures the water required to produce goods or services is becoming increasingly essential. Reducing water consumption is already firmly anchored in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and is a central component of any sustainability strategy. Particularly regarding resource management, the identification of hotspots in water consumption throughout the supply chain enables targeted measures to be taken to mitigate it.

We are currently expanding our product range and will soon be able to calculate the water footprint fully automated via a digital solution. By the measure of water footprint digitally, companies can collect data more precisely in order to optimize their water management strategies and prepare for possible regulatory requirements.

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