Implementing climate targets based on science

Minimize the risk of greenwashing and ensure transparency in sustainable corporate management: Our SBT monitoring tool was developed in accordance with the SBTi guidelines and puts sustainability strategies on a scientifically sound basis.
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Everyone is talking about greenwashing. We talk Science-Based Targets (SBT)

The EU Commission is planning a law against greenwashing, as it criticizes the fact that companies' climate targets and "green slogans" are often without a provable basis and is calling for verifiable standards. In future, companies should only be allowed to advertise their products and services as climate-neutral or environmentally friendly if this can be scientifically proven.  

And this is precisely where our SBT - MONITORING software solution comes in.
SBT-MONITORING works based on the guidelines of the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)* and puts your sustainability targets and measures on a scientifically sound basis. You can view the current data in real time and adjust reduction measures at short notice.

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Your path to Net-Zero

Sustainability in the company - Measure. Reduce. Communicate.

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What is meant by this?

Science Based Target Initiative

What is the Science Based Targets Initiative? The Science Based Targets initiative is a collaboration between the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and the World Wide Fund for Nature. The Science Based Targets initiative defines best practices for emissions reduction and promotes net-zero targets in line with climate science. Science-based targets support companies and financial institutions in precisely reducing greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.
No Greenwashing

Looking deeper: how our software works 


The SBT-MONITORING software tool works in accordance with the standards specified by the Science Based Target Initiative. The starting point is always a current CO2 balance sheet in which the emissions in the company have been identified across all scopes.
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Key function 1

Define goals (target setting)

Once the results are available, the (Science-Based Targets) SBT-Monitoring tool can start the reduction calculation. Starting from the base year, the tool calculates the savings potential in detail across all scopes and shows the emissions prevented along a timeline until the "net zero" target is achieved in 2050.

Key function 2

Scenario analysis tool

With this scenario tool, you can check the effects of changes to emission figures and reduction percentages on the distribution of target scenarios. It also allows you to identify hot spots to focus on carbon-intensive processes.
SBTI Analyse tool EN
SBTI Tracking – 1

Key function 3


The results of the individual categories can be viewed in the SBTi tracking tool. In Scope 1 and 2, the remaining balance can be tracked in comparison to the target. Targets were achieved in categories 1.4 and 2.3. Once the target has been achieved, a notification appears above the respective category. Red columns show the remaining reductions, the blue column represents your target, and the yellow column shows the progress to date.

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