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Create your carbon footprints at the touch of a button, standardized ESG ratings, and comply with EU directives in sustainability reporting: software-supported and audit-proof in the GLOBAL SUITE. 
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Only if companies know where they stand, they can take actions to mitigate ESG risks and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Calculating the corporate carbon footprint or product carbon footprint manually using Excel spreadsheets is not only time-consuming but also error-prone and resource-intensive. Moreover, companies must ensure that they reliably meet regulatory requirements, which are extremely complex. With our software for CO2 accounting, GLOBAL CLIMATE is your partner, providing not only automated and software-supported solutions but also acting as a process companion, guiding you securely through the complexity of legal obligations.
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Software for Sustainability - Our standards are internationally recognized

Our software solutions for CO2 accounting are based on internationally recognized standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Additionally, we support companies committed to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) in setting and implementing scientifically based, climate-related goals.

Was ist die GLOBAL SUITE?

Our sustainability
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The GLOBAL SUITE is an interactive software platform The system offers a user-friendly interface, facilitating easy access to all functions. Two core functionalities are integrated into the software, allowing you to manage all areas of sustainability reporting: GLOBAL FOOTPRINT and GLOBAL COMPLIANCE.
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Do you want to conduct a greenhouse gas assessment or calculate the Product Carbon Footprint? Then do it smart and digital: with GLOBAL FOOTPRINT, the software for greenhouse gas accounting.


Is your company required to calculate its Corporate Carbon Footprint or conduct a CO2 balance? Manually capturing all climate-relevant emissions across multiple locations along the entire supply chain not only entails significant personnel and time investment but the collected data may be error-prone and therefore not audit-proof. With our sustainability software GLOBAL FOOTPRINT, calculating your company's footprint is at your fingertips. 

Carbon Footprint

Do you want to calculate the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of your products? In doing so, you must consider the entire lifecycle of the product: from raw material sourcing to disposal. GLOBAL FOOTPRINT offers you a simple software solution where PCF calculation is automated based on data from the Corporate Carbon Footprint. This minimizes effort, maximizes audit security, and effectively supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Minimize the risk of greenwashing and ensure transparency in sustainable corporate management: Our SBT monitoring tool was developed in accordance with the SBTi guidelines and puts sustainability strategies on a scientifically sound basis.


Are you affected by the new laws in sustainability reporting, or do you need a comprehensive ESG rating? Our software solution, GLOBAL COMPLIANCE covers all legal requirements and delivers 100% audit-proof results.


The Corporate Sustainability Directive (CSRD) was introduced to promote transparency and accountability in companies. Approximately 49,000 companies in the EU are affected by the new directive. A significant challenge is the integration of sustainability data into reporting. We are experts in materiality analyses and ESRS standards. Our expertise covers legal requirements and all necessary steps to ensure that companies comply with the CSRD guidelines in accordance with the law. Utilize our advanced sustainability software to simplify and implement this process in compliance with regulations.


Satisfying the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act requires the right combination of legal expertise and software proficiency. GLOBAL CLIMATE has expertise in both areas and offers tailored solutions to efficiently fulfill the legal requirements of the LkSG. We ensure comprehensive and precise implementation, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations, including BAFA-regulations.


A standardized and software supported ESG rating provides clear advantages to companies. It ensures a consistent analysis, minimizes errors, and enables efficient assessment of environmental, social, and governance aspects. Objective data evaluation enhances the credibility of the rating, strengthening the trust of investors and stakeholders, promoting sustainable business practices, and ultimately increasing corporate value in the long run. 

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