Fulfilling the CSRD directive

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires companies by law to report comprehensively on their sustainable practices. This is a huge effort that is best managed with the help of tools. 
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Audit-proof CSRD implementation

Materiality analysis and ESRS: better digital

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) became relevant for companies on January 1, 2024. It states that in future they must submit a detailed sustainability report every year. The data must be audit-proof, verifiable and certified by auditors. Our GLOBAL COMPLIANCE software takes care of CSRD management and supports you in carrying out the materiality analysis, provides space for structured documentation of your ESRS data points and facilitates the preparation of the report. An up-to-date CO2 balance sheet is a central component of the CSRD. Don't have one? Then we can create one for you.
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Components of the CSRD reporting obligation

Around 49,000 companies in the EU are affected by the CSRD!
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reporting standard

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Reporting must be in accordance with clearly defined EU standards, the European Sustainability Reporting Standards: ESRS for short

materiality analysis 

Doppelte Wesentlichkeitsanalyse
Companies report on how sustainability affects their business practices (from outside to inside) and how their activities affect society and the environment (from the inside out) in accordance with the principle of dual materiality.

Test report

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In future, sustainability reports will have to be audited by independent auditors, and the standards for these audits will be raised to a higher level of assurance.

Reporting at Group level

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Subsidiaries are normally exempt from reporting obligations unless they are listed on the stock exchange, or their risks differ significantly from those of the parent company.

Disclosure of sustainability strategies

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Companies must disclose their net-zero emission strategies, including detailed plans and measures to reduce greenhouse gases to become climate neutral in the long term.

CO2 balance-Bilanz

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Carbon accounting is a key component of the CSRD, as it obliges companies to transparently report and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Reporting as an integral part of the management report 

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The integration of sustainability reporting into the CSRD management report provides a comprehensive overview of the company's performance, enabling investors to make an informed assessment of the long-term sustainability strategy.

Die European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

Reporting must be in accordance with clearly defined EU standards, the European Sustainability Reporting Standards: ESRS for short. The reporting content focuses on overarching standards and the three ESG areas.
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Looking deeper: How our software works

CSRD reporting obligation made easy

CSRD brings with it new requirements and regulations that require precise knowledge of the legal landscape. Our GLOBAL COMPLIANCE software solution maps the reporting obligations in sustainability reporting in a legally compliant manner and can automatically adjust the reporting processes to ensure that companies are always compliant with the latest regulations.

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Double materiality analysis
Stakeholder feedback

One of the core functionalities of our software is the double materiality analysis. This analysis is crucial to ensure that the reported sustainability aspects are not only relevant to the company itself but are also considered material by stakeholders. Stakeholders can view the IRO (impact-risk-opportunity) and make evaluations.

Detailed monitoring

Double materiality analysis - results and reporting obligation 

Once the assessment has been completed and the stakeholder feedback evaluated, a materiality determination takes place. Areas identified as material in the double materiality analysis are subject to reporting requirements.

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The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) are another central component of the CSRD, which is optimally supported by our software solution. ESRS compliance requires the transmission of sustainability reports in a standardized format. Here, GLOBAL COMPLIACE enables seamless creation and submission of reports, minimizing human error and ensuring deadlines are met.

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